Why Your 2018 Marketing Efforts Need to be Video-Based

Why Your 2018 Marketing Efforts Need to be Video-Based

As 2017 draws to an end, most entrepreneurs and businesses are looking forward to the 2018 year and setting up their marketing and sales strategies. The overall marketplace is changing very rapidly, and gone are the days of not marketing internet-based businesses. These days, the market is so saturated that an outstanding campaign is required to cut through the market noise. In the past, many brands and businesses relied on banner ads and pay-per-click advertising online. Though these forms of passive advertising online enjoyed a decade of relative success, today they are ignored by viewers and conversion because these types of promotions are dropping exponentially.

The problem is that advertising bombards the modern consumer, and unless they are somehow engaged deeply, they merely “scroll past” or tune out advertising in general. Furthermore, the conventional ways of marketing come off as gimmicky and too sales-oriented. The modern consumer wants to see, feel and experience the benefits of a product, and nothing can do that as well as video content. Looking at these market data and facts by the best website builder, we can learn that 96% of marketers invested in video marketing in 2016 and video ad spending has grown by 67% in the USA over the last couple years. The trends are moving toward a video-content-rich future.

Here are a few reasons why your marketing efforts need to be video based in 2018.

Everyone is Consuming Content

The internet revolution is over, and the internet is everywhere. There are over 5 billion mobile smartphones, and today’s internet services have reached most of the most remote corners of the globe. This means that every single potential customer you want or need is online, spending a significant portion of their time on this digital median. These people spend over 4 hours a day online and a lot of that time is spent watching, sharing and engaging video content.

It is estimated that the average time spent by adults in the US between 2011-2015 increased by 195% in total time spent consuming video online. This is further stressed by the fact that, in the younger generation, video penetration rates are into the 90% plus range. This shows that video is not just already a massive part of our daily lives but is still a growing trend. Everyone is consuming video content, and this trend is only increasing and will continue through 2018 and well into the future.

Message & Brand Recall is Higher with Video Online

 Video marketing has some key pros that make using it more efficient than conventional marketing channels. For instance, compared to conventional TV campaigns, brand recall is 50% for video and only 27% for TV. Similarly, message recall is 2 to 1 times higher when using a video online, compared to a campaign on TV. Furthermore, compared to conventional HTML banner ads, video ads are engaged with 18 times more often.

In other words, your message, brand, and call to action are far more likely to be remembered and engaged with via a video marketing campaign. The tops videos that do receive the highest brand and message recall are those that are engaging, short and connect with the viewer. Considering that 70% of ad agencies believe video ads are more efficient than TV, who are we to argue with the professionals?

Video Marketing Conversion is Top Tier

 Similar to brand and message recall, video marketing is top tier when it comes to conversion and boosting engagements. This is especially obvious in the fact that a personalized video can increase email conversion by 500%. This is a massive increase and can make all the difference between leveraging your email lists properly, pushing sales and slowly having your viewer base unsubscribe. The modern consumer, as mentioned, are highly saturated and thus have much lower attention spans.

Video, however, still manages to engage these consumers and helps significantly in pushing engagement.

Video Marketing In E-commerce

 E-commerce stores that have more pages with videos have 80% better conversion than those that don’t. The average order size of these sites is 68% bigger. This points to a considerable correlation with video campaigns and boosted sales and revenue. In fact, video not only increases the number of people who are influenced to make a purchase, but it can increase the amount they purchase per order as well.

A video viewer on a commerce site is 1.6 times more likely to buy, and 73% of customers are more likely to buy after watching a product video. These are facts that can’t be ignored and is why video in e-commerce is mandatory to success in 2018. Additionally, another point is that a 1% increase in active videos by a company is worth on average $13,000 in revenue per month.

Where to Launch & Use Your Video Content in 2018

 If you are convinced, as you should be to incorporate video into your marketing plans for 2018, the next step is to create and then share those videos. The top ways to use this type of content are to incorporate an email, social media and website content plan. This means that you should add the video or preferably videos to your website on a consistent basis.

On top of that, you should ensure that these videos are shared via social media platforms and to your existing customers via email. When it comes to the website factor, talk to your developer and set up your website to host video content. When it comes to the social media landscape, the two top platforms by far are YouTube and Facebook. YouTube alone has over a billion video viewers per day, who spend on average 9.5 minutes watching videos. Facebook is the top site for sharing video content, and 59% of all video shares happen on Facebook.

Additionally, YouTube’s true view and other advertising options will ensure your video gets in front of the audience your looking for and using Facebook ads to boost that viewership through that platform will help gain even more exposure. Aside from both FB and YouTube, other top social media platforms to consider are Instagram and SnapChat, especially if you’re looking to sell to the younger consumers. Try Twitter for the 30-45-year-old age segment.

Email campaigns also should be incorporated, as video content via email increases CTR (click through rate) by 2-3 times and customer loyalty by 35% on average.

Tips to Make Your Videos Effective

When planning your actual videos, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure maximum effectiveness in 2018. First, keep your ads short and sweet. A 15-second commercial is a sweet spot, as it has about a 54% ad recall and 42% message recall.

If your brand is more established, a 10-second ad will do the job and not overwhelm the viewer, as it will seem less intrusive.

For e-commerce and product videos, the ideal length can be a little longer, and 30 seconds is the perfect video length in this case.

A second tip is to ensure that the content is engaging and gets an emotional reaction out of your audience. A viewer is much more likely to engage and share content that strikes a chord with them on an emotional level. Make sure your content is relevant and also not so sales-oriented. A good video should display your brand and product in use and depict the advantages of using it in an emotionally engaging way.

The final tip to know is when to post. Knowing when your audience is online is vital, and posting when they are around to engage and share your content is essential to making the most out of your efforts. Video viewing peaks between 12 and 5 PM, which is the period you should be doing the majority of your video launches, social shares, and campaigns efforts.

Final Thoughts

Yes, video is only going to get more prominent and more relevant in the marketplace as time goes on. Facebook is expecting 90% of its content to be video-based by the end of 2018 and YouTube has enjoyed steady 50% growth in watch times year on year. Furthermore, with video traffic expected to be three times higher than 2015 by 2020 and for all global traffic to prefer video by 2020, the future is clearly in video-based content.

Approaching 2018 with this in mind and implementing video as a cornerstone of your marketing efforts will ensure success with better conversion, sales, and engagement and also ensure success in the video-heavy years to come. If you still need further convincing of these and the many more benefits of video marketing, check out these 127 facts you probably didn’t know about video marketing.


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    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
    I’m also interested in this topic and have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur.

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    1. Hi Jan,

      I took a look at your site and not bad, but here a few suggestions for you on how you can improve the visitor experience:

      1. You need a splash of color, the header image is nice you could maybe use an image slider (check out Smart Slider3 the best plug-in slider for WordPress in my opinion http://nextendweb.com/). The body just has too much white space, maybe break it up with blocks or color not too much it helps eyes flow to the information.

      2. Expand your layout to the full width, that will give a modern fill.

      3. Replace the 3 images of you with a video or just get rid of them, you want some imagery there, or create a slideshow of you aboard…you got do something there that will make people leave and never come back.

      4. In the header you way too many links, there are so many you don’t want to click on first too much info (people are lazy nowdays)…figure out a way get down to no more than 5 links. You can put the sub info on one page and break them up with color, parallax images etc (be creative), people don’t mind scrolling down, but they will leave if you have to do a bunch of clicking to see the other content. Make these pages full width also, your right & left margins are WAY too big, makes look like you just started (and even if you did you don’t want to look like it:-)

      As for the digital marketing part, don’t spend your money yet. There are 2 different ways to go at digital marketing; time based & money based, you should start out with time based before you start paying for ads (as you sound like you are finding out you go broke before you even your business going. i know from experience :-). So plug away at like LinkedIn and start an email campaign using like MailChimp (free) or iContact, THEN start purchasing ads…

      Figure out WHO your target market is and WHY they should go with you (make money, free up time, etc…your in a tough field everybody and their momma is trying to do what your doing, so why should they go with you? that what have address)

      There is sooo much out there today and people’s attention is short to say the least, you have 10 – 30 seconds to grab’em or else they are GONE never to return.

      You should think about purchasing a jazzy theme, that way you just have to edit the content but then you will have some bells & whistles (not too many though), a good place is TemplateMonster.

      On the link back part, fix your site and would be happy too share links with you :-)…Let me how it goes.


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